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Sigma, based in Osterode am Harz in Germany, produce high quality centrifuges for use in the laboratory sector. Their range of equipment is impressive and they are likely to be able to satisfy the needs of most applications. Sigma manufacture both refrigerated centrifuges, denoted by the letter ‘K’ in the model name and heated centrifuges which can be recognised by the letter ‘H’ in the model name.

Small Centrifuges

Sigma 1_14_ and__1_14K centrifuge

1-14 and 1-14K

Small but incredibly powerful, the 1-14 and 1-14K are the smallest centrifuges that Sigma produce. They are designed to spin small micro tubes up to 2ml in capacity. The 1-14 will reach speeds of up to 14,800 rpm (16,163 xg), whilst the 1-14K will reach speeds of up to 15,000 rpm (16,602 xg). There are a number of different rotors available, including one for haematocrit capillaries.

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Sigma 1_16_ and__1_16K centrifuge

1-16 and 1-16K

Replacing the popular 1-15, the Sigma 1-16 and 1-16K is a popular choice among laboratory technicians. the 1-16 and 1-16K has a slightly larger footprint than the 1-14 and a range of different angle rotors are available for spinning tubes up to 2ml. These centrifuges can also accommodate the larger 75mm haematocrit capillaries. The performance of this centrifuge is impressive, with a capability of speeds up to 15,000 rpm (20,627 xg).

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Benchtop Centrifuges

Sigma 2-7 centrifuge


The Sigma 2-7 centrifuge is a compact, non-refrigerated, bench-top centrifuge ideal for routine laboratory work. This centrifuge is fitted with a motorised lid lock, stainless steel bowl and blue LED light which indicates when the run has come to an end. Popular in clinical laboratories, as well as small medical practices, the Sigma 2-7 centrifuge is perfect for labs where space is a premium. Despite its size, the centrifuge is incredibly powerful and can reach speeds of up to 4,000 rpm (2,540 xg). Both swing-out and angle rotor configurations are available.

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Sigma 2-16KL_and_2-16KHL centrifuge

2-16P, 2-16KL and 2-16KHL

The Sigma 2-16 range has a maximum capacity of 4 x 100ml and is available in non-refrigerated, refrigerated and heated versions. The top speed of these centrifuges can reach over 15,000 rpm. A wide range of accessories are available, making this centrifuge a great all round addition to any laboratory.

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 Sigma 3-16KL centrifuge

 3-16L and 3-16KL

The 3-16 range has a maximum capacity of 4 x 400ml and can reach speeds of over 15,000 rpm which equates to over 21,000 xg. These centrifuges can be used in a variety of different settings and spin a wide range of tubes and bottles. Both swing-out and angle rotors are available.

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 Sigma 20S3-18KS and 20S3-18KHS centrifuge

3-18KS and 3-18 KHS

Like the 3-16 range of centrifuges, the 3-18 range has a maximum capacity of 4 x 400ml but can reach speeds of 18,000 rpm. This is equal to a maximum g force of 30,070 xg. There are is a broad range of different rotors and buckets available which can accommodate blood tubes, bottles, PCR strips and microplates.

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Sigma 3-30KS and 3-30KHS centrifuge

3-30KS and 3-30KHS

The 3-30 range is targeted at people who need to spin samples at very high g forces, but do not need a large capacity. These centrifuges can reach speeds of over 65,000 xg without the need of a vacuum. This means that the 3-30 range fills the gap between a standard and ultra centrifuge.

Available in both refrigerated and heated versions, there are a multitude of different accessories that can be used in both the 3-30KS and 3-30KHS.

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Sigma 4-5L centrifuge


This IVD compliant, non-refrigerated, 3 litre centrifuge (4 x 750ml) is perfect for users with a high throughput of samples. Despite its large capacity, it still has an incredibly small footprint. The powerful, but whisper quiet motor can deliver speeds up to 4,700 rpm (4,643 xg) in super fast times.

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Sigma 4-16KS_and_4-16KHS centrifuge

4-16S, 4-16KS and 4-16KHS

This powerful 4 x 750ml centrifuge by Sigma is perfect for routine laboratory work. Fully programmable and capable of speeds up to 13,500 rpm (20,376 xg), the 4-16 range is available in air cooled, refrigerated and heated versions. The user can select up to 10 different acceleration and brake rates.

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Sigma 6-16KS_and_6-16KHS centrifuge

6-16S, 6-16HS, 6-16KS and 6-16KHS

The Sigma 6-16 range is slightly larger than the 4-16 range in that it can accommodate 4 x 800ml buckets. A wide range of rotors and buckets are available including fixed angle and swing out versions. Users can effortlessly open and close the lid thanks to the motorised lid lock.

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Floor Standing Centrifuges

Sigma S8KS and S8KSBS centrifuge

8KS and 8KBS

The Sigma 8KS and 8KBS are a large capacity, refrigerated blood bank centrifuges dedicated to spinning blood bags from single to quintuple versions. With a total capacity of 6 x 2 litres, these centrifuges can easily accommodate two quad bags per bucket. There are also fixed angle rotors available for the 8KS for users who want to reach much higher g forces. The 8KBS can be supplied with water cooled compressor if needed.

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