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Henderson Biomedical is proud to offer MSE centrifuges. Since 1936, MSE have held a great share of the centrifuge market and continue to manufacture a high quality range of centrifuges at their factory in South East London. They are currently the only British company to offer an entire range of centrifuges, from 0.2ml and PCR (Micro Centaur Plus) benchtop centrifuges, to blood banking centrifuges (Cellsep 6/720R and Blue Force 12L R).

Small Benchtop Centrifuges


Micro Centaur Plus

The maximum speed of 14,000 rpm / 14,243 G makes it fast enough for most applications and it’s very small footprint and light weight make it perfect for labs with limited desk space needing to spin microtubes at high speeds. Backed up by a 2 year warranty, this centrifuge is a safe investment.

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 Kestrel Cut Out (5)


The 6 place blood-tube rotor allows doctors and other point-of-care staff to carry out blood preperation work and reduce expenditure through the use of couriers.

Based on the Micro Centaur Plus, it’s small footprint and light weight make it perfect for smaller laboratories or ones where the unit may need to be stored when not in use.

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Portable Centrifuges

Portable centrifuge to be run on car battery

VetVisit Centrifuge Kit

The VetVisit Centrifuge Kit is a portable centrifuge designed to run off a car battery for users who need to carry centrifugation out in the field, away from the lab.

The MSE VetVisit Centrifuge Kit includes: MSE Kestrel centrifuge, 6 x 15ml angle rotor, set of 6 stainless steel tube holders, inverter, connection leads to run centrifuge off a car battery and a carry case.

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Medium Benchtop Centrifuges


Blue Force 1L

This ultra-modern air cooled benchtop centrifuge is the natural successor to the immensely popular Mistral 2000, Harrier 15/80 & Harrier Plus Centrifuges. Reliability is excellent thanks state of the art PLC technology and a high performance induction motor, as well as including a more ergonomic lid lock. The choice of rotors and adapters allows for its use by all busy throughput laboratories, and it’s high speed (15,000 rpm / 20,125 G) 2.0ml microtube rotor makes it one of the most versatile and powerful benchtop centrifuges available today.

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 Harrier18.80 cut out (1)

Harrier 18/80 R

The refrigerated version of the Harrier 15/80 benchtop centrifuge combines the compact bowl of the Harrier 15/80 with refrigeration and even faster centrifugation. 6000 rpm / 6466G from a swing out rotor and 18,000 rpm / 28,980 G from an angle rotor make this centrifuge one the best in its class. A pre-cool facility means the machine is always ready for you.

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Large and Floor Standing Centrifuges

 Falcon 6.300 (2)

Falcon 6/300

Building on the hugely successful Mistral 3000, this machine combines reliability and longevity with high capacity. This centrifuge spins everything from small blood tubes to blood bags in it’s 4 x 750ml swing out rotor. The Falcon series machines are also available with a trolley to allow for easy relocation of this large benchtop centrifuge.

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 Falcon 6.300R (2)

Falcon 6/300 R

Replacing the Mistral 3000i, this refrigerated Falcon 6/300R is capable of speeds up to 4,700rpm / 4,964 G from a swing out rotor and 6,000 rpm / 6,030 G from an angle rotor. With intuitive controls and an array of rotors and tube adapters, the Falcon 6/300R large benchtop centrifuge is perfect for high throughput laboratories requiring a reliable, safe and user friendly centrifuge.

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 Cellsep (4)

Cellsep 6/720 R

The MSE Cellsep 6/720R completes MSE’s centrifuge line-up. With a massive 7.2 litre capcity in a swing out rotor, this unit is perfect for laboratories or facilities processing large sample volumes or high throughput environments. Ideally suited to blood banks with a side hinged lid allowing easy loading and unloading, as well as a choice of adapters for various types of blood bags available today.

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 Blue Force 12L R centrifuge by MSE

Blue Force 12L R

The Blue Force 12L R is a large capacity, refrigerated floorstanding centrifuge ideally suited to blood bank applications. Designed to spin a variety of blood bags, the Blue Force 12L R is the perfect addition to your laboratory.

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