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Special offers on Vestfrost laboratory refrigerators and freezers

For over 50 years, Vestfrost have been producing high quality refrigeration and freezing solutions for the laboratory sector. Vestfrost is an ISO 13485 registered company. This ensures that the products manufactured are to the highest standard of quality and that production procedures are traceable and properly documented.

All Vestfrost refrigerators, freezers and Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers are CE marked under the medical device directive 93/43/EEC.

Henderson Biomedical is the appointed UK distributor of Vestfrost refrigeration products and are able to offer great prices on their products. Below are some special offer prices which are valid until stocks last. For prices on other sizes and model variations, or to request a free catalogue, please contact our sales team on 020 8663 4610.

Low temperature laboratory chest freezer

VT546 horizontal low temperature freezer

-10°C to -45°C

495 litre capacity

3 baskets

89 x 166 x 76cm (h x w x d)

Minus 86 degrees ULT freezer

VTS 258 Ultra Low Temperature freezer

-60°C to -86°C

253 litre capacity

5 compartments

205 x 60 x 65cm (h x w x d)



 Vestfrost lab fridge

SC 290 premium safe chill refrigerator

+2°C to +6°C

356 litres in capacity

10 drawers

205 x 60 x 60cm (h x w x d)


 Vestfrost laboratory refrigerator

AKG 317 standard laboratory refrigerator

+2°C to +8°C

306 litres in capacity

5 wire shelves

156 x 60 x 60cm (h x w x d)


 Vestfrost laboratory freezer

VTS 625 laboratory freezer

-5°C to -25°C

700 litres in capacity

3 wire shelves

210 x 75 x 82cm (h x w x d)

 Vestfrost horizontal ULT freezer

VT 208 horizontal ultra low temperature freezer

-60°C to -86°C

198 litres in capacity

2 inner lids

89 x 92 x 70cm